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All our flavors are 100% natural and delicious.

No calories, no sugar, no artificial anything.

Only pure goodness.




Frequently asked questions

Where does AGUASSIMA water originate?

AGUASSIMA is a pure crystal clear natural water. It originates in the region of North

Rhine-Westphalia located in Germany.

How is AGUASSIMA water made?

AGUASSIMA adheres to strict processes and standards that assure the quality and consistency of the brand. AGUASSIMA water follows a rigorous purification system, using the reverse osmosis process to remove additives and impurities.

What is the level of TDS (total dissolved solids) in AGUASSIMA waters?

FDA guidelines require that for water to be labeled 'purified', it must have TDS of no more than 10 ppm (parts per million. All our flavors have a TDS reading of 2.7ppm. This is 3.7 times lower than FDA standards.

What is AGUASSIMA’s PH level?

The PH level of AGUASSIMA is less acidic than traditional soft drinks, 100% juice and juice drinks. All our flavors have a PH level of about 5.0.

If there are any concerns about your acidity consumptions, please consult your physician.

Is sparkling water damaging to the teeth?

There is no scientific evidence that sparkling water is any more dangerous or damaging to the teeth than regular water. It is the addition of acids, sugars, and salt that ups your risk for tooth decay… and AGUASSIMA has none of these.

Do AGUASSIMA cans contain BPA or have a coating containing BPA?

NO! All AGUASSIMA cans are BPA free.

What are the ‘Natural Flavors’ in our AGUASSIMA waters?

In all our AGUASSIMA waters, we only use Natural flavors as defined by the EU and FDA authorities. These are Natural oils and essences extracted from the named fruit or plant; and/or other natural oils and essences which are – as their name indicates – Natural flavors too, but not necessarily extracted from the named fruit or plant.

Is AGUASSIMA 100% natural?

Yes. There are no artificial additives in AGUASSIMA waters.

Are there any calories, sugars or sweeteners in AGUASSIMA?

AGUASSIMA is a pure, wholesome sparkling water, with zero calories, zero sugars and zero artificial sweeteners.

Is AGUASSIMA safe for diabetics to drink?

Yes. AGUASSIMA has zero sugars and zero sweeteners, so it is well-suited for diabetics.

Are there any colorants, artificial additives or preservatives in AGUASSIMA?

AGUASSIMA is a pure, wholesome sparkling water, with zero colorants, zero artificial additives and zero preservatives.

Is AGUASSIMA sodium-free?


Does AGUASSIMA contain phosphoric acid?

We do not add any phosphoric acid. Phosphorus may be present in the source water, however in trace amounts only

Is AGUASSIMA gluten-free and vegan-friendly?

Yes. All flavors of AGUASSIMA are gluten-free, vegan and kosher. There is no meat, dairy, wheat, or nuts used in the product or production of our waters.


Yes. AGUASSIMA does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO).



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